This might be our best accomplishment for this year.
This project is the proof of concept of a strong collaboration between @nesbo the french rapper, @studioskema a young artistic director & @gsgfxly an even younger technical director.

We, througt 4 months of hard work, made her desire of a strong artistic identity for her first album release possible. Together we created the universe around the album supplying different medias such as a clip, teasers, covers, merch and posters.

1 - The capsule : a physical representation of the spiritual containers in which Nesbo trap her feelings to let her creativity expand and occupy her mind
2 - The Computer : the mirror of her past relationships, tinted in nostalgia & melancholy
3 - The accumulation : All of those refrained feelings start to opress Nesbo until it is too much for her, causing an explosion of emotions
4 - Mirror's melting : reflect of the past, her computer start melting as her feelings take over her memories
5 - Cover of Givenchy : the violently exploded caspule
6 - Teaser Givenchy : a creative way to start to unveil the esthetic & elements composing her univers
7 - Teaser capsule : the reel made to announce the album release, showing the accumulation of feelings by pouring liquid into the capsule, until it is too much.

Nesbo - Licoeur (Album)          
Artistic identity, clip realisation, teasers, covers, posters & merch.

Collaboration with GIANTSQUID (@gsgfxly -

Picture by Noémie Lacote (@noemielact) modified by Giansquid (@gsgfxly) and I (@studioskema).