The FPK plan to organize a Freerun competition over three days in the city of Lyon. This is a Freerun competition bringing together the best athletes from around the world, the aim being to offer the most impressive and creative sequences on the previously created course.

The event will take place from Thursday June 11 to Saturday June 13, 2020 in the Halle Tony Garnier.

To establish the podium for this competition, there will not simply be a jury since the opinion of the spectators will also count. An application will allow you to follow the competition live and rate the participants.

Request: Visual identity + responsive website + application
Gravity (nf): It is gravitation which causes all bodies in the universe to attract each other.
Zero Gravity          
HND Fictive Project - Visual Identity / Website & App Homepage
Logotype creation
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Helvetica pairs perfectly with Pixel Arial. A guarantee of readability with a touch of effervescent fantasy which recalls the idea of suspension, of elevation.

A jump is broken down into three stages.
I leave the ground and rise; I reach that moment that gravity no longer affects (where I no longer go up, just before going down); I go back down to land.

I wanted to work on this precise moment where there is zero gravity. This happens through photography, capturing this moment and detouring my subject to make it float in the poster; the composition, with a text/image scale ratio that lets the visual breathe, the text represents the ground and the black background the infinity of the sky.

I found it more interesting to work the image in bitmap with square patterns in order to stay in the idea of the pixel and the excitement reminiscent of the typography of the logo.