As part of the composition & typography course, we were asked to create imaginary characters from two existing typographies on the theme of the wild. This is one of the projects contained in the Compendium.
Caractères sauvages           
Typographic Composition

Faxi is a font designed by Jens Nilsson and Kenneth Knutsen of Good Type Foundry. Originally called Donadoni and manufactured for the interior firm Maldini Studios, based in Stockholm. The typeface was refined and expanded in 2020.
OSKAL Unique Display Font is designed by Viktor Pesotsky which appeared as an experience for crossing the neutral grotesque and the antique. The idea is to make a strange hybrid from a simple grotesque. The serifs are added in non-standard places and make this font unusual for perception.

en 2020.
Once typgrographies chosen, I printed & cut out my letters in order to start creating my imaginary characters.
 After scanning them I cleaned & reworked them on Illustrator.